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Skills Training

Strategies Targeting Characteristics Common to Female Ex-Offenders

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) announces the availability approximately
of $12 million in grant funds to award approximately eight grants to serve adult and youth
ex-offenders pre- and post-release. Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations, including faithbased
and community-based organizations. Applicants may choose to serve either youth or adults but may
not serve both populations. Continue reading

Jobs, Training & Your Tax Dollars: The Need for Honest, Effective Reform & Collaboration

Billions of our tax dollars are being poured into Job training programs every year through the Dept. of Labor, the Employment Training Panel (via a special tax on employers), Visa programs and many other government grants. During 2012-2013 The U.S. Department of Labor spent approximately $1,289,600,121 on Job training and employment programs. The Employment Training Panel spent approximately $76,600,000 dollars on employer training programs. There are 24 other Government Grant Agencies. Continue reading