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To compete in a globalized world, technology is no longer optional. Up-to-date cell phones, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, laptops, computers & Apps are no longer luxury items. They are mandatory and a necessary expense to be relevant & to succeed in today’s economy.

Technology having traveled around the world several times to China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Mexico, its vital that technology be both accessible, affordable and successfully integrated for businesses, and job seekers to remain competitive.

Collaborations/Strategic Partnerships are vital to economic growth. We must adopt an inclusionary perspective over an exclusionary disposition to succeed. Teaming, restructuring, working together & trust are vital aspects of moving forward in overcoming the current economic challenges plaguing our communities.

Public-Private Partnerships are not just for government & big business, but must be established in our local communities. Churches, business, not-for-profits & educational institutions must work with the local & surrounding communities to create multiple cohorts of success.

Human Capital. I understand the need to invest in developing people to be competitive in today’s market. If we fail to develop our youth, young adults or further develop our existing workforce we will continue to lag behind our competitors.

Infrastructure Development is vital and is an inescapable requirement to progress forward. we must infuse our businesses with qualified individuals with 21st century mindset, resources and global perspective, we will continue to lag behind. We must create value for education as a whole and must have training that can be applied to real jobs with sustainable wages. There must be tangible results. The buy in of participants, community, churches and business is vital.

We must reposition ourselves and take an honest assessment of our preparedness for the opportunities we have vied for & who’s doors we have knocked down for our chance at our equal opportunity. There are many organizations advocating for employment & job development in our communities. However, the truth is most companies, employees and the local workforce are not prepared to meet the basic job requirements of the 21st century. We must approach preparedness, training and education at all levels & at multiple points of entry on the continuum. A multifaceted approach is the only way to proceed if we are to make greater strides in shortening the disparity.

Local Training Agencies must be able to adequately prepare our struggling workforce. They must understand and connected to the real needs of businesses. Agencies must provide technological resources as well as offer participants a global perspective required to take advantage of the many job opportunities unable to be filled by unskilled laborers.

Diversity set asides, and the diversity commitments of big businesses are available to a qualified workforce. Companies such as hospitals, various government agencies, construction and rail projects have diversity commitments, our communities must be able to meet the basic qualifications to compete and take advantage of theses opportunities.

Churches must be a place for healing, education and viable solutions for their parishioners. We ask big business and government about their top down diversity plan; churches should consider their role in healing the church body and meeting the basic needs of their parishioners, not only through food and clothing distribution, but through job, training and employability programs and opportunities. The lack of knowledge that is causing churches and their community development arms to shut down is not due to spiritual ignorance, but lack of practical applications in meeting the day today needs of the church body.

The current educational system is struggling to keep up with technological advances. Technology is moving at a rate faster than it takes to get curriculum approved. Up to date 21st century Short term training, skill development and preparedness that lead to real jobs is vital to see the desired results. In many cases, by the time the curriculum gets to the students it’s more like historical data. We already knew this about computers, but now with the rapid and continuous rate of technological advances and globalization it’s moving even faster. Value is vital to the success of any venture. Participants must see the value in the information we offer. There must be tangible results associated with the outcomes.

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”

— Einstein

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